Heat gun


  • Adjustable airflow speed.
  • Capability of safe “Hands Free” use.
  • VDE standard cable with neoprene coating.
Input power        2000 W
Rated voltage        220 V, 50 Hz
Temperature        450/600
Temperature adjustment        no
Airflow (l/min.)        300/500
Airflow adjustment        manual (2 pos.)
Weight        0,7 kg
Ordering code         0 90 703 01

Heat gun


  •  Nozzles set.
  •  Instruction manual.
  • ALS1045SF

    Professional vacuum cleaner Status ALS1045SF
  • ALS1030SF

    Professional vacuum cleaner Status ALS1030SF
  • ALS1020SF

    Professional vacuum cleaner Status ALS1020SF
  • CTW14,4Li

    Cordless drill-driver Status CTW14,4Li
  • CTW18

    Cordless drill-driver Status CTW18
  • CP210

    Circular saw Status CP210
  • CP190

    Circular saw Status CP190
  • CTR14,4

    Cordless drill-driver Status CTR14,4
  • CP165

    Circular saw Status CP165
  • CTR12

    Cordless drill-driver Status CTR12
  • CT18

    Cordless drill-driver Status CT18
  • CTW18P

    Cordless impact drill-driver Status CTW18P
  • D800

    Drill Status D800
  • CT14,4

    Cordless drill-driver Status CT14,4
  • D600

    Drill Status D600
  • D720

    Drill Status D720
  • CT12

    Cordless drill-driver Status CT12
  • DP750

    Impact drill Status DP750
  • JS700T

    Jig saw Status JS700T
  • DP800

    Impact drill Status DP800
  • JS650

    Jig saw Status JS650
  • JS570

    Jig saw Status JS570
  • JS700

    Jig saw Status JS700
  • CSL12FLi

    Cordless drill-driver Status CSL12FLi
  • DP850

    Impact drill Status DP850
  • CSL12Li

    Cordless drill-driver Status CSL12Li
  • CT4,8

    Cordless driver Status CT4,8
  • FS100

    Orbital sander Status FS100
  • SD280

    Drill-screwdriver Status SD280
  • DP1050

    Impact drill Status DP1050
  • SD500

    Drill-screwdriver Status SD500
  • SD720

    Drill-screwdriver Status SD720
  • FS400

    Orbital sander Status FS400
  • PL82-1

    Planer Status  PL82-1
  • HAG2

    Heat gun Status HAG2
  • CT10,8Li

    Cordless drill-driver Status CT10,8Li
  • RH600

    Trimmer Status RH600

    Heat gun Status HAG2LCD
  • CTS7,2Li

    Cordless driver Status CTS7,2Li